Why 'Shards of Me"?

For some, this title will need no explaination; in fact, it might even put into words something that they couldn't otherwise explain. For others, it's simply another weird name for a web site.

'Shards' or 'minute fragments' are all that is left of me and my life before God stepped in and said 'Enough!" Honestly, I'm still in pieces but I refuse to stop until God has put me back together. Every tiny piece that He picks up and puts back in place, is sharp, and painful, not only for me, but for those ordained by God to help in the process.

This site is not about the past but the future; it's not about broken promises but about the hope of promises to come; it's not about me...it's about you...but even more importantly it's about Jesus. It's all about discovering how Jesus can be the answer to softening the most inpenitrable heart; to freeing the most volatile mind; and to bringing peace to the most hostile existence. Jesus is the answer...but He will only be the answer if you are truely looking for Him.

I won't lie, your freedom will be the hardest gift that you'll ever have to work for...but what price are you willing to pay for your freedom? Would you give your life...because that's what it's going to cost you. When every emotion is screaming for validation and every thought is encased in lies, when every judgment is dictated by irrationalities and when every new day is a curse...what would you give for even the faintest and most fleeting ray of light?

I've been there and still find myself there often, but my life here is worth nothing to me. I refuse to grasp at this fading life as if it was worth holding onto and I insist on clinging to the hope of my new life with Jesus which will last forever.

I'm only here for a lifetime, but I'll be in Heaven for eternity. No cost is too high, I'll pay it.








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