What's the very first thing you think when you read this advert?

I dunno what your first thoughts were but the very second that my eyes caught sight of this ad I felt God's still voice saying...

"This is the worlds philosophy"

After recovering from the shock that God had so rapidly spoken into my heart over such a trivial thing, I began to ponder on what this meant. The only word I could think of was "compromise". Am I saying that enjoying some yoghurt which is "apparently" sourced from some quiet, scenic family orientated country farm a compromise? No, but the mentality behind it is.

But our society suggests to us that we can have our 'sex fling' on the side without leaving our marriage, or we can have the big LCD TV without parting with our money (well, for 2 years at least). We are told that we can endulge in the food that we love without guilt (or weight gain) because its "sugar free" or "fat free", or even better we can loose lots of weigh without doing anything!!

What ever happend to "you can't have your cake and eat it too"?

Do you see the pattern here. Everywhere you look you see this same compromising attitude.

"You can have the best of both worlds"

The sadest and most revoltingly idiotic (idiot - a person of subnormal intelligence) concept of compromise is seen in religion. Not just world religion but Christianity in particular. Are there really people out there who think we humans are that awesome? Is it so hard to accept that there is a God out there who is actually better than us??

But I speak to Christians. Are we docile enough to think that the most holy creator of the universe who gave up Himself to save us, is going to take your response to His sacrifice lightly? Do we tempt God to jealousy?

Is it logical (all religious ideals aside) to think that you can have "a god" who doesn't care what you do and needs you so much that he is willing to compromise the very being that he is to accept you? If he is 'God' then he doesn't need you and if he is 'God' then he can't deny himself, and he wont.

Is it accpetable for a husband to cheat on his wife? No.
Is it acceptable for a father to abuse his child? No
Then what makes us think that it is acceptable for us as "Children of God" to rebel against our very maker? Our father? Our saviour?

We humans are so full of pride and self-confidence that we have made ourself oblivious to the fact that God holds our life in the palm of His hand. If we know God, we know that He is just and detests not only our sin but our motivation and will punish our sins; but if we know God we also know that He loves us so dearly that He sent His Son to suffer for us so that we might live with Him forever.

Your actions don't negate the truth of these 2 statements, but your decisions in life will determine which one becomes true for you.

You can live in the city and enjoy the taste of the country, but that doesn't bring you any closer to the country. You can't enjoy the country while living in the city.

Likewise, you can live as the world does and enjoy the taste's of Christianity that are offered to you by the Chruch but that doesn't bring you any closer to God or Heaven. You can't enjoy Christ while living like the world and you can't enjoy Heaven while living in Hell.

If you find yourself in a place where you seem to have the best of both worlds then your in a bad place, your in denial. Does the yogurt ad convince you that you can enjoy the country while living in the city? The ad doesn't say that at all (although it tries to tell you that). The ad simply says that you can close your eyes and taste the country yogurt while living in the city; it doesn't say it'll take you there.

Doing the religous chores (even if you enjoy them) doesn't take you to Heaven. Reading your bible, going to church, tithing, teaching Sunday School, witnessing to others, won't take you to Heaven. They are a taste of Heaven and if you close your eyes you may even picture yourself there. But don't be deceived, the only way to get to Heaven is to go there, and the only way to do that is through Christ.

You can't live as the world does (in the City) and still go to Heaven (in the Country). You can eat as much yogurt as you like, it won't change anything. Get up and get out of the city and do the long bumpy trip to the country.

When you're there you'll say that the trip was worth it.