For those who have no idea what this diagram is about you would find benefit in reading my study on The Tabernacle in the Bible Study Page. For those who have a fair idea of the Tabernacle, I'd like to explain this diagram further so that we can see the amazing hand of God in every minor detail of the Cross of Christ.

Enter through The Door
The door of the Tabernacle was the only way in. This signifies Christ as the only way to God.

Accept The Scrifice
The very first thing that you came to when entering the Tabernacle's Outer Court was the Brazen Alter. Notice the alter is at the foot of the Cross in this diagram. The very first place that we need to go after comming to Christ is the foot of the Cross.

Washing of The Word
Before entering the Inner Courts of the Tabernacle, the Priests were to wash their hands in the Brazen Laver. This signifies our role as members of the Royal Priesthood. After comming to Christ and accepting Him as our sacrifice and laying our own lives down as a living sacrifice for Him, we then need to allow the Word of God to wash our hearts and minds with His truths.

Fellowhip in The Light
Once the Priest has entered into the Inner Courts, he came to the Golden Lampstand. The Lampstand was the only source of light within the Inner Courts. Christ is The Light and His light illuminates our path and affords us fellowship one with another in unity of spirit.

The Bread of Life
On the other side of the Inner Courts was the Golden Table of Shewbread. This bread was for the Priests to eat. Jesus is The Bread of life. We are to partake of Him and His Word which gives us communion one with another and with Christ.

Offerings of Worship pleasing to God
The Priests were to ensure that The Golden Alter of Incense never ran out. The Alter of Incense burned before the Veil of the Most holy Place, which ascended to Heaven as an aroma of worship pleasing to God. We too, as holy Priests are to perpetually offer sacrifices of praise and worship before God through, not only our lips, but also through our actions the and motivations of our heart.

The Presence of God
Unlike the laws of the Levitical Priesthood, we as holy Priests through Christ have an open door to the very throne of God. In the OT only the High Priest could enter into the Most Holy Place once a year with a blood sacrifice. But when Christ died on the Cross the Veil that separated the Inner Courts from the Most Holy Place was torn in two. We now, have free access to the Throne Room of God. Well, when I say free, I mean free for us, but it cost Christ everything.

The thing that I like the most about this picture, is that as soon as we enter through the door into the Outer Courts, we come face to face with the foot of the Cross and the sacrifice that was made. We must find ourselves there before we can go any further. No one dared enter the Inner Courts, without first offering a sacrifice and washing their hands. What makes us think we are any different?

Find yourself at the foot of The Cross, wash yourself clean with His Word and then you will find fellowship with Christ and one another. 

No one goes to God without following the Cross all The Way.