If the person that you look up to and confide in is taken up to be with Jesus at the time of the rapture where would that leave you?

Would you be standing alone? Or would you be enjoying the reward of your faith with them in Heaven? The fact is that when you and your Godly role-model are standing and watching as Jesus comes in the clouds, you will be the last thing on their mind. They will have their eyes fixed on Jesus and their concern will not be whether you are left or taken with them.

This challenge lies before you...is your faith in Jesus yours or are you piggy-backing on someone elses? Will you be standing there on that day, more concerned about your role-model, and whether they stay or go, or will your eyes too be fixed on Jesus?

Be honest with yourself now - Be honest with God now - Be glad later

Don't be left behind without your support person...be in Heaven with them.